List of Accepted Papers for RAEE & CS-2020

All comments by reviewers must be addressed before submitting camera-ready submission. Last date for cmaera-ready submission is August 19, 2019.

Paper IDTitleAuthorsDecision
48Nonlinear Control Design for an Anthropomorphic Artificial HandArifa Khatib Ahmad Qazi and Attaullah Y. MemonACCEPT
21TOC generation in PDF Document for Smart Automated Compliance EngineMuzammil Hussain Shahid and Muhammad Arshad IslamACCEPT
26An online fractional open-circuit voltage maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm based on sliding mode controlAhsan Nadeem, Hadeed Sher, Ali Murtaza and Nisar AhmedACCEPT
28Identification of Malware Families for Creating Generic Signatures Using Dynamic Analysis and Clustering MethodsUmm-E-Hani Tayyab, Ali Muhammad, Maliha Ismail, Dr. Asifullah Khan and Dr. Hanif DuradACCEPT
33Impact of Shading, Dust Accumulation and Temperature rise on the Performance of Solar PV: The Case of PakistanMariam Mughees, Munazza Sadaf, Sidra Khan, Amber Rasheed, Kamran Daniel and Dr. Hassan Erteza GelaniACCEPT
39Design of Fuzzy Controller for Non Isolated High Gain DC-DC ConverterSaad Ahmad, Abasin Ulasyar, Haris Sheh Zad, Abraiz Khattak and Kashif ImranACCEPT
46Separation Principle with Secure State Estimation and Lyapunov Stability of Cyber-Physical System under Sensor AttackMaryam Khan, Naeem Iqbal and Abdul Qayyum KhanACCEPT
52Brain Tumor Detection from MRI images using Bag of Features and Deep Neural NetworkAdeel Asghar, Saqlain Razzaq, Nimra Mubeen, Urwah Kiran and Fawad FawadACCEPT
54Electroencephalography-based Neural Network Approach for Epileptic Seizure Detection using Spatial FeaturesAdeel Asghar, Tayyiba Bibi, Aimen Rehman, Ghulam Ayesha Syed and Fawad FawadACCEPT
55Prediction of User's Interest Based on Urdu TweetsFaizan Ul Mustafa, Anees Baqir, Usman Ahmad, Sayyam Malik and Sadaf MehmoodACCEPT
57Active Prosthesis of Human HandArshad Ali, Muhammad Ehsan Ul Haq Zaheer, Mian Muhammad Sharjeel Safdar, Usama Azhar, Ahmed Huzaifa and Tanveer AbbasACCEPT
60Bayesian Optimized Long-Short Term RNN for Prognostics of Thermally Aged Power MosfetsHaris Muhammad, Muhamamd Noman Hasan, Syed Jahanzeb Pirzada and Prof. Qin ShiyinACCEPT
61Multi-Model Deep Neural Network Feature Selection Technique for Accurate Recognition of Human Emotions using EEG SignalsAdeel Asghar, Muhammad Haider Ali and Fawad FawadACCEPT
64A Novel Flexible Compact Microstrip Antenna for Biomedical ApplicationsMuhammad Tahir Hameed, Muhammad Yousaf, Adeel Akram and Muhammad Zahidaccept?
53Autonomous Navigation of Swarms in 3D Environments Using Deep Reinforcement LearningMuhammad Shahbaz and Asifullah KhanACCEPT
34Wavelet-Hybridized NeuroFuzzy Feedback Linearization based Control Strategy for PHEVs Charging Station in a Smart MicrogridLaiq Khan, Muhammad Awais, Rabiah Badar, Sidra Mumtaz, Saghir Ahmad and Shafaat UllahACCEPT
50Lymphocyte Annotator: CD3+ and CD8+ IHC Stained Patch Image Annotation ToolMuhammad Mohsin Zafar, Zunaira Rauf, Anabia Sohail and Asifullah KhanACCEPT
1Development of a Low-Cost Sensor-Based Adaptive GripperMuhammad Waleed Khan, Asifullah Khan, Akhtar Khurshid and Muzamil AliACCEPT
8High-Throughput Optimizations for AES Algorithm on FPGA for SatellitesSyed Jahanzeb Hussain PirzadaACCEPT
16Design and Analysis of a 3D Printed Compliant Modified Jansen's Linkage by using Cartwheel FlexuresFaizan Javed, Arslan Khalid and Atique AhmadACCEPT
36Simple Robust Fixed-Time Fault-Tolerant Attitude Control for a class of Rigid SpacecraftsMuhammad Noman Hasan and Qin Shiyinaccept?
44Intelligent predictor using cancer-related biologically information extraction from cancer transcriptomesTahira Shehzadi, Abdul Majid, Madiha Hameed and Aqeel FarooqACCEPT
56Design of 8.8kV DC Modulator for a 10kW MagnetronNoman Khan, Tanveer Abbas, Zia Ur Rehman and Riaz KhanACCEPT
24Fractional Order Sliding Mode Control for Voltage Source Voltage Converters Under ReconfigurationToqeer Ahmed, Asad Waqar, Tanveer Hussain, Essam A. Al-Ammar, Muhammad Zahid and Habib Ur Rahman HabibACCEPT
43A Novel Rectifier Topology with a Chopper Operating at the Line FrequencyTanveer Abbas, Noman Khan, Muhammad Waqas Ayub, Muhammad Bilal Aslam, Zia Ur Rehman and Riaz KhanACCEPT
47Output-Feedback Robust MPC for a class of Nonlinear systemMuhammad Noman Hasan and Qin ShiyinACCEPT
6Space Air Ground Integrated Network: Communication Network for Air Traffic ControlSyed Jahanzeb Hussain PirzadaACCEPT
11Implementation of Modified Tangent Bug Navigation Algorithm for Front Wheel Steered and Differential-Drive RobotsSofia Yousuf and Muhammad Bilal KadriACCEPT
30Prevention of Beacons Collision in IEEE 802.15.6 under CoexistenceHamza Iqbal, Ehtasham Azhar, Samira Kanwal, Junaid Rashid and Tahira NazirACCEPT
37Gimbal Based Robotic Eye for Dynamic Social EnvironmentAtif Mahmood, Abdul Qayyum Khan, Ghulam Mustafa, Muhammad Abid, Adil Sarwar Khan and Haroon Ur RasheedACCEPT